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The Art of Blending

Guest blog from Ancient Peaks Winery

Our winemakers recently stepped up to answer an age-old philosophical question: “Blending wines – is it art, science or a little of both?”

Indeed, Director of Winemaking Mike Sinor and Winemaker Stewart Cameron fielded this question as part of the new “Ask The Expert” series on the popular Reverse Wine Snob site.

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CAB Collective Kicks Off Educational Series

The PRCC has officially kicked off its informative and inspirational educational series for 2018. The initiative delivers enlightening presentations and workshops in locations across California, Nevada and Texas. It’s aimed at creating ambassadors through students, faculty, staff, sommeliers, and trade representatives who will endorse the Paso Robles region and its uniqueness through their own studies, presentations, work and promotion.

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Perfect Christmas movie and wine pairings

Parrish Family Vineyard has the perfect Christmas movie and wine pairings list that will fill you with holiday cheer(s)!

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CAB Collective vintners are prioritizing quality over quantity

Vintners in Paso Robles are concentrating on the smallest of details in their vineyards, even as the quantity of red Bordeaux varieties planted in the AVA reaches new heights. Claiming more than 50% of the Paso Robles AVA’s 40,000 acres, red Bordeaux varietals from the region have proven their merit on the world stage, but with the spotlight now on the area, winemakers are challenged to continue to reach new heights. Recognizing that quality often rests in the details, the winemakers of the Paso Robles CAB (Cabernet and Bordeaux) Collective (PRCC) continue to raise the bar as they seek perfection in the elusive 100-point wine.

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Unusual People do Unusual things

During the summer, Damian Grindley of Brecon Estate got back to his Welsh roots and cleansed his wine palate while pottering around the pubs of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Additionally he got dutifully rained on at Rhossilli Beach and built a coracle! A coracle is an ancient Welsh craft used for catching minnows or storming castles!. You can carry it on your back, too. Unfortunately, since their design dates back to ancient times, they are a pain to paddle and have zero flotation. Damian wisely passed it to his daughter for its maiden voyage. You won’t see it in the tasting room, though: it didn’t fit into checked luggage!

Get to know the character that is Damian Grindley with a trip to the Brecon Estate tasting room and we’re sure he’ll have more tales to tell.

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