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The Tasting Panel

As our wine industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s more important than ever to have trustworthy publications that help educate, inform, and enhance the overall joy of wine for both members of the trade and the general public. One of those trusted sources is The Tasting Panel magazine. Not only is The Tasting Panel the most widely circulated trade publication in the beverage industry, but the magazine also supports the industry by sponsoring prestigious wine competitions and trade tastings across the nation. In addition, the magazine is one of the Paso Robles CAB Collective’s key sponsors, so we think they’re pretty great!

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Get to know Saxco

While it’s what’s in the bottle that ultimately matters to most people, don’t discount the importance of the entire package. We’re talking the glass bottle, the wine shippers, even the corks—they all make up a brand’s total package and are an important part of the business strategy. That’s where Saxco International comes in. As the leading provider of rigid printing and packaging solutions to the wine, beer, liquor and food industries, they are well versed in how to make a brand stand out—whether that brand is boutique, commercial or somewhere in between.

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The Sylvain Laboratory: Researching to Achieve Excellence

Guest blog from ITek Wine and the Sylvain Laboratory

” A good cooper must understand the wine maker’s problems and be able to provide appropriate solutions.”

Don’t look for lab tables or test tubes; in this research laboratory the star is wood. We could imagine that it was simply a barrel workshop, but it is here that tests are made to explore all the potentialities of the wood and their impact on the wine, depending on the grape varieties used and the feature we are looking for.

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Spotlight on Smurfit Kappa

We all know how important winemakers, vineyard managers and salespeople are to wine, but let’s not forget the significance of good packaging – it’s truly an extension of a brand and often the first thing a consumer will see. As one of the leading providers of paper-based package products in the world, Smurfit Kappa knows a thing or two about good packaging. Not only is this global company an important part of the wine industry, provide packaging solutions for everything from retail merchandise displays to cases and even bags in a box, Smurfit Kappa is also Paso Robles CAB Collective’s Title Sponsor and has been a supporter of ours for many years. Needless to say, we think they’re pretty great.

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How Long Does Red Wine Last After Opening?

Guest blog from Cass Vineyard & Winery

The pleasure of a good red wine is hard to beat. And while in the US, it’s easy to want to keep wine for special occasions, dinner parties or weekends, there’s increasing evidence that making a small glass of wine a part of your daily diet can be beneficial for your heart. As part of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ followed in Italy, France and Spain, red wine can be great for the health as well as the taste buds. But drinking a small glass of wine often means that you may not finish a bottle in a single meal. So how long does red wine last once after opening the bottle?

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