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Sunscreen for Grapes – White Shade Cloth in the Vines

With it being Summer, it is definitely a time for enjoying the sun, but as we know too much sun can lead to a dependence on aloe vera and cold packs. This is true for grapes, the sun is an


imperative part of grape development, but too much can lead to issues. Grapes depend on the sun for photosynthesis to occur, but too much heat and sun can lead to sun burns, excessive sugar, and lack of acidity. This can result in unbalanced wines with high alcohol. The flip side of this applies as well…too little heat can prompt high acidity and a lack of sugar. Sugar is a necessary part of fermentation in the wine process. As you can see, there needs to be a balance, like in everything, for grape development to be successful and lead to deliciously, balanced wines.

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CAB Collective is proof that winemaking runs in the family

As we look around at our member wineries it’s hard not to notice the family ties that exist. Beyond the many husband and wife teams that we find, we also see multiple generations and branches of families contributing to winery success. Here are a few of their stories:

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