Get to know Saxco

While it’s what’s in the bottle that ultimately matters to most people, don’t discount the importance of the entire package. We’re talking the glass bottle, the wine shippers, even the corks—they all make up a brand’s total package and are an important part of the business strategy. That’s where Saxco International comes in. As the leading provider of rigid printing and packaging solutions to the wine, beer, liquor and food industries, they are well versed in how to make a brand stand out—whether that brand is boutique, commercial or somewhere in between.

For wineries, Saxco is great because they work to give brands all the choices needed to pour the same care and expertise into packaging as one would into each vintage. It’s why they’ve become a trusted and sophisticated wine market partner, providing options from high-end packaging to cost-leading designs that will help set a brand apart on the shelf.


We like to think of Saxco as a one-stop shop for products and design services, for everything from glass bottles, oak barrels and closures to gift packs, labels and retail displays. In addition to comprehensive packaging and design solutions, Saxco stands out for its commitment to great service. With Saxco, you can expect results-oriented services, with dedicated teams who work with brands to optimize business strategies, not only to meet needs, but to enhance business and drive results.