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James Beard Taste America LA & STARS of CABERNET Photo Gallery

When the CAB Collective hit the road last month, we met hundreds of trade and consumers and had a blast while doing it! We look forward to showing more and more people what Paso Robles CAB is all about next year in more cities up and down California!… Read more »

The CAB Collective Hits the Road

The Paso Robles CAB Collective will be bringing Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and red Bordeaux varietals to Southern California next month. If you haven’t made it to CABs of Distinction, or the tasting rooms of our 24 members yet, get your tickets to one of these upcoming events and experience a little bit of Paso Robles in Southern California…. Read more »

2015 Harvest Update

We are quickly approaching the end of September and Harvest is no doubt in full swing. We asked for a few of our members’ thoughts regarding Harvest 2015 and somehow between frenzied tasks in the vineyard and winery they graciously replied.

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Dry-Farming Bordeaux Varietals In A Drought, Pt. 2

For Part Two of our exploration into PRCC members who dry farm their vines – a topic most interesting in the midst of the current drought – we asked Damian Grindley, Founder and Winemaker at Brecon Estate, to explain why he chooses to dry-farm, and what effect the method has on the finished wines…. Read more »

Dry-Farming Bordeaux Varietals In A Drought, Pt. 1

dry farm 
dry′-farm′ (drī′färm′) v.
A type of farming practiced in arid areas without irrigation by planting drought-resistant crops or by employing moisture-enhancing techniques such as planting seeds deep in the ground or using and maintaining a fine surface tilth or mulch that delays evaporation. Also called dryland farming.

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