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Dry-Farming Bordeaux Varietals In A Drought, Pt. 1

dry farm 
dry′-farm′ (drī′färm′) v.
A type of farming practiced in arid areas without irrigation by planting drought-resistant crops or by employing moisture-enhancing techniques such as planting seeds deep in the ground or using and maintaining a fine surface tilth or mulch that delays evaporation. Also called dryland farming.

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Producer Profile: Broken Earth Winery

6556_largeOne of the newest members to join the PRCC is Broken Earth Winery, whose beautiful, historic property was originally called Rancho Tierra Rejada, Spanish for “land of worked earth.” Established in 1973 as the Shimmin Canyon Vineyard , the current vineyard comprises 520 acres on Paso Robles’ east side…. Read more »

Producer Profile: Brecon Estate

The Paso Robles CAB Collective has definitely hit its stride with a large infusion of new members – so many that we consider our docket full. One of our newest members comes to the Collective from Paso Robles’ westside, Brecon Estate.

Damian and Amanda Grindley

Damian and Amanda Grindley

brecon_squareLocated on Vineyard Drive just north of the famed West Hwy 46, Brecon Estate is owned and operated by … Read more »

Adventures in Establishing Place, Part 2 – GUEST BLOG by Winemaker Jason Joyce of Calcareous Vineyard

The where and the what of planting a wine grape vineyard is a bit of a chicken and egg discussion. You can decide what varietal you want to grow and then find the best place to plant it. The other approach is to find … Read more »

Adventures In Establishing Place, Part 1 – GUEST BLOG by Winemaker Jason Joyce of Calcareous Vineyard

If you were to take a glass of wine and trace back all the actions and decisions that went into its production, you would find clear evidence of the law of diminishing returns when considering time. There is no arguing that the biggest influencers… Read more »

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