Allegretto Vineyards & Wines

At Allegretto Vineyards & Wines, we consider ourselves stewards of the land, shepherding our unique vineyards’ bounty from the ground to your glass. We wield a gentle and sustainable hand over our highly selective small-lot vineyard sites and honor the art of Old World winemaking techniques to ensure each sip is a pure expression of the unique swaths of earth we’ve been entrusted to nurture. Whether at your dining room tables surrounded by family and friends, or in our Tasting Room within the luxurious Allegretto Vineyard Resort, when you tilt back a glass of our wine, you’re drinking in the true essence of Paso Robles’ rich and seductive terroir.

Tasting Room

2700 Buena Vista Drive
Paso Robles, CA 93446
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Thursday - Sunday. 11 - 5 pm, by appointment only


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